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We design, develop and build

TAO designs, plans and constructs aerospace structures such as special high altitude platforms (HAPS, high altitude pseudo satellites) for telecommunications and data transfer, sustainable energy systems such as the recyclable zinc-air battery as well as temperature-controlled, extraordinary and flying membrane buildings.

Our team of aerospace engineers, physicists, chemists, technicians, philosophers and architects, among others, develop the corresponding drive units, controls, new materials and prototypes as add-ons to our high altitude platforms (HAPs). These developments can also be used for numerous fields of application “on earth” such as our low-cost, non-flammable new batteries for electric vehicles and wind farms as well as the light but robust, UV-resistant envelope materials for the individual trade fair construction and special membrane roofs.

The TAO Group is a collective of independent companies and is made up of TAO Trans Atmospheric Operations GmbH, TAO Technologies GmbH, TAO Innovations GmbH (all based in Stuttgart and Berlin/Germany), and TAO Tech UK Ltd. in the United Kingdom of Great Britain – cooperating with universities and institutes worldwide.

The future is our passion:

History of the TAO Group

The TAO Group has developed and built numerous innovative technologies in research and development over the past 19 years. The TAO Innovations GmbH accompanies the marketing and investment departments in these TAO technologies of the future. Aerospace designs and new technologies are our passion! Founded in 2001, we have designed and built top innovations and are now bringing them to the market with TAO Innovations GmbH and future-oriented partners. Stay tuned to create the future!

Secure data transfer from the stratosphere

HAP - The communication of the future

The TAO SkyDragon is a flying high altitude platform system (HAPS) for telecommunications and data transfer. It can be launched and landed, is steerable, maintainable and flies autonomously at an altitude of 20 km in the stratosphere. Our technological concept for this HAP (also known as high altitude pseudo satellite) is based on a flexible, self-propelled airship with altitude propellers and a helium filling inside.

HAPs can be deployed worldwide to quickly provide secure, high data transmission rates over a specific area, such as after an earthquake when the existing ground infrastructure (antenna masts) is temporarily destroyed. The demand for fast data transmission (internet, telecommunications, TV, broadband) is increasing daily worldwide. The SkyDragon can supplement the existing infrastructure in conurbations as well as over metropolitan areas or secure “last mile communication”.

The Stratosphere –
the last challenge of mankind

The stratosphere has recently become a very popular place, since Google, Facebook & Co. want to realize the worldwide internet of the future with their projects from there.

Die Stratosphäre – die letzte Challenge der Menschheit

Located above normal air traffic, but below the satellites, the stratosphere is still quiet and relatively windless – which makes flying easier. But it is up to 70 degrees cold. And until one has ascended to the flight altitude of about 18 – 20 km, the aircraft has to pass through strong winds, the jet streams. This is where our flexible and controllable concept of the SkyDragon-HAP (High altitude platform concept) comes into its own.

...everything between the earth and the stratosphere...
The LTA-product family

Based on the forward-looking development of the past years in the field of “LTA- Technology”, the TAO Group has designed, built and implemented with customers its own SkyDragon product family. Telecommunication, data transfer, indoor airport monitoring or flexible hotspot applications are some of the applications.


Telekommunikation & Datentransfer


Transport of mini satellites

Dragon COM System

Smart system for hot spots & monitoring

Autonomous Solar Airship
Solar Airship

Telecommunication & Data Transfer

Mid Altitude Airship
Mid Altitude Airship

Telecommunication & Data Transfer

Indoor Dragon System
Indoor Dragon System

Indoor / outdoor drone

Our flying LTA- product family has many applications
Unsere fliegende Familie hat viele Anwendungen
Traffic and road planning
Add-on data and telco network
Management of major events
Smart Cities
Forest fire detection
Smart Farming
Border surveillance
The TAO Stratosphere Alliance

Information for our "TAO Stratosphere Alliance", a community under the leadership of TAO with leading technology companies...

This new possibility to offer secure, high-altitude telecommunications and data transfer from anywhere is revolutionizing the world. Educational television for children, intranet for large corporations, telecommunications for remote areas: together we will master these challenges of the future. Technology partners, associations, innovative companies and the TAO Group with its unique flight concept move the world together.

Be part of the alliance of the future: the TAO stratospheric alliance.

Strato Allianz
Global Pseudo Satellite

TAO Group is a key player in the worldwide HAP development

In an international, independent study, the TAO Group is one of the leading companies worldwide for the design and construction of high altitude platforms (HAPs) for telecommunications and data transmission. Airbus, Alphabet, Facebook, Lockheed Martin, RosAeroSystems and Thales are presented together with the TAO Group as the key players in the global High-Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) market.

Innovative engineering know-how, inventiveness, speed and above all flexibility in planning and construction distinguish TAO Group from the financially stronger competitors. In addition, the special technological concept of the TAO-(HAP) in the form of the flexible SkyDragon as an “segmented airship” is unique worldwide.


How can nature and mankind be preserved and meaningful, sustainable technologies for the world be developed, built and implemented? The TAO Group has been ahead of the times with its concepts for decades, so it is now up to date.

Here we publish our most innovative ideas and visions on the challenges of our time with lateral thinking views and realizable TAO solution approaches for a healthy earth to be protected. We are constantly working here – so please check back from time to time in the future. LINK: Read more…

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