TAO’s range of the airship product family address specific commercial and surveillance needs for persistent, medium to long duration applications at low and high altitudes to support data transfer, telecommunication and various other applications.

Network and Connectivity Services

  • Telecommunications and communication applications
  • Smart cities
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Mobile and fixed broadband Services
  • Company Intranet and satellite Communications
  • Oil and gas pipeline control
  • Transport and navigation Services
  • Security
  • Telemedicine and distance learning applications
  • Radio and television broadcasting

Geo information Services

  • Logistics and fleet management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Agriculture and maritime
  • Google earth
  • Mapping for 3 D Models
  • Disaster relief (mapping damaged areas, floods)
  • Martime surveillance (detecting vessels and behaviour)

All products of the TAO SkyDragon product family are:

  • reusable, maintainable
  • recyclable, environmentally friendly
  • ready for take-off and landing without expensive infrastructure (on a meadow or on sea)
  • quickly usable worldwide, easy to transport
  • does not cause space debris