The future of telecommunications: TAO HAPS

Data transfer from the stratosphere is the future, because it is cheaper and also “healthier”, if you do it right. “Right” means without space debris like the satellites produce and with less radiation. The TAO High Altitude Platform Technology – also known as High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS) – is launchable and landable and is considerably less expensive and more powerful than currently known applications, both in terms of investment and operating costs. The TAO SkyDragon HAP is reusable, technically maintainable, recyclable and – as already mentioned – it does not generate space debris.

SkyDragon - Größenverhältnis mit Menschen

The TAO SkyDragon as HAP has the following characteristics:

  • takes off and lands with its own telemetry
  • can be steered by its own drive/stearing system
  • enables a stationary flight over a certain area
  • has a large telecommunication radius (up to 300 km)
  • is recyclable, maintainable and reusable

The special TAO SkyDragon enables flying at high altitudes, in the stratosphere and a defined landing and safe recovery. In the meantime, interested parties from all over the world recognize the value of our environmentally friendly and peaceful technology.

Project duration: Start in 1998 until today
Locations: Stuttgart, Berlin (Germany) und Great Britain

Client and project size: Research, development and production by TAO Group in cooperation with several institutes, medium-sized companies, company groups in USA and Asia as research and development projects for over 19 years.

Competitors on the market like Google or Facebook rely technologically on balloons or light aircraft in drone technology. The TAO SkyDragon has considerable technological advantages over non-guidable balloons or light aircraft that are fragile due to gusts of wind. Write to us or join us in the stratosphere alliance (LINK), if you would like to join us in implementing the telecommunications of the future as a strategy or technology partner: hello@tao-innovations.com