The stratosphere as a flying site at an altitude of 18 to 20 km is one of the last great challenges facing mankind. Calm wind conditions with up to 10km/h, which provide optimal smooth flights for telecommunications and data transfer, are countered by temperatures as low as minus 70 degrees Celsius, which places enormous demands on materials and insulation.
This can be achieved nowadays with good technologies from TAO, but how do you get through the jet streams to cross on your way to this flight-attractive zone? Those strong winds that either break up the light aircraft (HAP drones and aircraft types) or simply blow them away (like uncontrollable balloons)?

With a steerable, segmented, flexible airship-like aircraft, the TAO SkyDragon (HAP), this challenge can be mastered sooner or later. We work on it every day!

The TAO SkyDragon “snakes” its way through the winch, is steerable and generates waste heat through its motors, which in turn can be cleverly used to heat the components.

Many challenges have been mastered by TAO in recent years, but there is still a lot to do together.

Be part of one of the last great adventures of mankind, which Google and Facebook have also discovered for themselves.

Ally yourself as a payload-, technology-, telecommunication-, financial- or adventure partner with European future technology and grow with us in the network of strong partners for the application of telecommunication and data transfer from the stratosphere. Link to Strato-Alliance.