The future always begins with a question. The correct answer is a sustainable, valuable technology:

Can you fly with light?

In other words, use solar power for propulsion? Today, we at TAO Group still rely on solar energy for propulsion and payload whenever and wherever possible in our aircrafts like in the TAO Telecommunication platform SkyDragon (HAPS) (Link) – and thanks to the increasingly lighter and more efficient solar panels, “eternal flight” will soon be a reality. This was a great idea and vision of company founder Prof. Dr. Bernd Helmut Kröplin and his team in 1996(!), which led to the construction and flight of the world’s first autonomously flying solar airship. Stay tuned!

Is it possible to heat with the summer sun in winter without losses?

It can – and TAO developed the TAO silica gel storage without Co2 content, which we used, measured and optimized together with project partners in the so-called “Polar Bear Building” for five years.

Is there a rechargeable, recyclable battery without any material consumption?

Zinc is a non-toxic, inexpensive, recyclable raw material that is abundantly available worldwide and can be used in batteries in a good way. Otherwise we would certainly not put zinc-air-based hearing aid batteries in our ears. Zinc-air systems also have great potential as energy storage devices for intercepting wind energy peaks or for electro mobility. TAO is developing a rechargeable, low-cost battery for everyday use that is to be regenerated with solar energy.

Do you have questions about your technological future? These examples are only three of our TAO ideas for a healthy, wealthy future. Write to us immediately and we will develop a joint R&D project from your questions together with our team and quickly set out on the path to a value-preserving, valuable future for nature and mankind. The universe loves speed! “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”